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DeAutoDAO organizes Hackathons with different themes to initiate and drive Robo-vehicle decentralized development projects and invites global innovators to participate. Hackathons have always generated a lot of mind-blowing sparks through collaboration. We are thrilled to see that many professionals from different fields and interdisciplinary have joined in, the collective energy of individuals makes ideas explode.

· Collaborate with global innovators , join DeAutoDAO
· Make decentralized Robo-vehicle manufacturing into reality
· Access to the official released NFTs
· Get bounties and DAT credits
· Professional tutoring in various fields
· Opportunity to obtain authorisation and sustainable profit from launched products
· co-creation, co-construction, co-existence, co-governance and co-sharing


Learn about and take part in the ongoing and upcoming Hackathon. Start playing!

DeAuto Hackathon


6.18 - 7.18


DH1 is a decentralized automotive design hackathon, aiming to design an L7e-car.

DeAuto Hackathon


9.26 - 10.30



"I, Game & Robot" is a global Web3 blockchain mobile game design challenge.Invite game planners, artists, designers, web3 developers and other global innovators to participate.


  • RV design and modification

  • NEV exterior + interior modular design

  • Vehicle-machine interaction design

  • Vehicle electronic and electrical architecture development

  • Autonomous driving development


From DeAutors


"I specialize in design thinking, and user centered design.I signed up to the DeAuto Hackathon because I wanted to be in the forefront of a new way to collaborate across countries. I also wanted to explore the future of mobility in automation.

I feel like, compare to other hackathons. I could experience so many different workflows and model operandi. I got to see ideas from creatives all over the world and of different fields.

I think it's really liberating having the freedom to work like this. Even though we were distant and working at different times, we were always connected and communicating.

We break the usual economy of scale model to create an ever evolving vehicle that changes through time, keeping the design fresh, useful, and unique."


"literally speaking, compared with the traditional car industries, the skateboard chassis from PIX Moving has more possibilities on styling and the space utilization.
For exterior. We can explore different package and centerline which could have a huge difference with traditional cars. Therefore designers can focus more on breaking normal car silhouette to create something creative."


"In car industry. Traditional OEMS have their own teams and studios to develop their own brand design languages. Still, they also need design companies to participate in and break the inherent balance in order to generate new designs.
However, whether the model is developed inside or outside, the value of designers is still judged by the executives of the company. So in this activity(DeAuto Hackathon), rather than being tossed, we are encouraged to create the cars for ourselves and this approach considerably boosts the works initiative.
In the future, the decentralized collaborative approach advocated by DeAuto, May be worthy of learning from all brands and OMS. In this process, everyone is going to do their best, to express their ideas and everyone has the right to attribute their final works to themselves rather than giving up their own value to the company."

Initiate a Hackathon, or become our partners

Join the paradigm shift in the automotive/robotics industry to bring more decentralized democratic innovation to the world.



DeAuto started with Eric Raymond's idea in The Cathedral and the Bazaar. We shared the belief that if well-managed and run open-ended projects, we can achieve far greater success than equivalent closed-ended ones.

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