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“I, Game & Robot”

Play to create the real world.

9.26 - 10.30

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DeAuto Hackathon

"I, Game & Robot" is a global Web3 Robo-vehicle customization mobile game design challenge initiated by PIXMoving. 

We invite global game planners, artists, designers, Web3 developers, and other innovators to participate in designing a Robo-vehicle customization game in 6 weeks.

For a long time, automotive manufacturing has been a game for the few that only big companies get to play. This is undoubtedly a capital monopoly that limits innovation and prevents consumers from enjoying diversified products. Cars all look the same on the road, aren't they? Consumers can't get involved in the process but passively accept cars defined and designed by those big companies.
Although the automotive industry has gone through a hundred years of journey, looking back, we find the form of cars has not undergone any deeply essential changes, and the same exterior and interior make people bored and drive them away.

As the initiator of this DeAuto Hackathon <I, Game & Robot>, PIX Moving hopes users will no longer need to passively accept a built car but can participate in its customization process just by playing a game.

Games are carriers of cultures and stories, in the Information Revolution, they can accelerate the progress of emerging technologies popularizing. With the power of PIX Moving's manufacturing toolchain, we can lower the design and customization threshold for ordinary people to participate. Games are the best medium.

Most importantly, a game needs an interesting backstory. DeAuto stands against any kind of financial scam.

DeAuto is the world's first crypto robo-vehicle community. Powered by PIX Moving's skateboard chassis platform™, DeAuto explores community-driven decentralized robo-vehicle design, manufacturing, and application paradigm. The core values we share is to achieve low-carbon manufacturing, technology democratization, and co-creation with users.


What is "I,Game&Robot"


We are designing a Web3 Robo-vehicle customization mobile game, and invite global game planners, artists, designers, Web3 developers and other innovators to participate.

It's a playground and an incubator. In this game, players are also creators. They can customize their Robo-vehicles through easy-to-use modular settings. They can create value to gain tokens and incentives that work in the physical world. Most importantly, the results created by them in the game can be manufactured and sold in the real world. 


  • To customize Robo-vehicle based on real projects (NEV).

  • To allow players to modularly customize Robo-vehicles with its function.

  • To inspire the Creator Economy. Players are creators who keep the most value they created in the game.

  • To explore the future directions of Robo-vehicles and cities.

* NEV is DeAuto's ongoing decentralized Robo-vehicle design project powered by PIX Moving. The product is a L7e-class car that plans to manufacture its prototype by the end of this year and open pre-sale for mass production. Participants need to use the output of the NEV project as the basis for vehicle customization and modification.




Hackathon divides [I, Game & Robot] into four sub-challenges: Game Design Planning, Concept Art Design, Game Feature Design, and Monetization Model Design. In 6 weeks, starting from the Game Design Planning, participants can choose to cooperate with other participants in one challenge, or cooperate with participants in other challenges. 



Game Design Planning

Total Prize Pool: 10,000 USD, 500 DAT

Game Design Planning is the top-level design of the [I, Game & Robot] game design challenge. The other sub-challenges, such as Concept Art Design, Game Feature Design, and Monetization Model Design will evolve based on the content from the Game Design Planning challenge.

Participants need to create the theme, concept and narrative framework and define its genre and concept art style.

We're looking for artists to breathe life into the world and characters in [I, Game & Robot], and bring us into the eras, cultures, and stories you create through inspiring visual concepts. Artists participating in the Concept Art Design challenge need to choose the concept output from Game Design Planning as the basis of their story. 



Concept Art Design

Total Prize Pool: 6,000 USD, 300 DAT



Game feature design

Total Prize Pool: 8,000 USD, 400 DAT

Game Feature Design is based on the gameplay output from Game Design Planning challenge. Participants in this challenge need to design the game flow and its core functions including Robo-vehicle customization. Participants also need to design a social model for this game.

Monetization Model Design is to design a economic model based on the gameplay output from the Game Design Planning challenge. 

This challenge is to explore connecting Game to the real world's productivity. Participants design numerical settings, token distribution model and its mechanism for their chosen Game Design Planning. How does Game incentivize creators and developers? How does Game combine the sales and application of Robo-vehicle in the real world?



Monetization model design

Total Prize Pool: 6,000 USD, 300 DAT



  • 3w USD prize pool

  • Have opportunity to obtain DeAutoDAO's Genesis NFT

  • Co-create with global innovators

  • Become a participant in the Web3 Era

  • Real application & sustainable profit earning 

  • Explore infinite games





Join the Discord

Start the


01/Game Design Planning

02/Concept Art Design

03/Game Feature Design

*every once a week




04/Monetization Model Design

Award announcement

Bonus distribution


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Amazon Web Services provides eligible participating teams with free cloud resources up to 25,000 USD.
* All evaluation rights reserved by AWS.

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