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The Story of
DeAuto DAO

On a deep summer night 6 years ago, Angelo YU, the Founder and CEO of PIX Moving, was sitting in front of the computer, scratching his head to improve a vehicle design. Somehow he realized the vehicle on his monitor screen was no different than any other cars running on the streets: they were designed in the similar approach and then manufactured through the duplicated production line created by Henry Ford 100 years ago. 


He lied his back on the chair to reflect on the status quo:

"The automotive industry originated from Ford’s assembly line approach dated back to 1913. For the past century, the automotive manufacturing industry has established impressive efficiency and scale, which, however, on the other hand resulted in certain negative consequences such as overcapacity and high innovation thresholds. It hinders the diversity and independence of technological ecology. 


The automotive industry is currently undergoing a period of revolution symbolized by intelligence, electrification, and IoT, which gives us the opportunity to dive into the past and future of this industry."


Angelo got excited and began pacing around the study room, with his mind racing. He glanced over the room and noticed a book he bought one year ago during his business trip to California, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, a book by Eric S·Raymond, which analyzes the success of Linux and which later becomes the “Bible” for open source movement. Eric Raymond believes in the power of openness, he thinks that with proper management and operation, an open project can achieve much greater success than a closed project. “I think the future will increasingly belong to people who leave behind the cathedral and embrace the bazaar. This is not to say that individual vision and brilliance will no longer matter; rather, I think that the successful people in the future start from individual vision and brilliance, then amplify it through the effective construction of voluntary communities of interest.”


Angelo asked himself: how can we drive the joint efforts of individuals to reshape the automotive industry from design to manufacturing? Or even bigger, how can we individuals integrate our wisdom to enter into the next civilization driven by smart tech and robotics? 


From that time on, Angelo and the team have been the pioneering practitioners for open innovation. In 2018, PIX Moving held the very first hackathon event, which paid respects to the early innovation process of automobiles and meanwhile opened the path to the collaborative innovation in smart vehicles. For the past four years, PIX Moving continued the hackathon spirit and has organized several collaborative innovation hackathon events themed around smart vehicle and robotics development. The same vision has forged the Moving Community which binds together 300+ designers and engineers from more than 20 countries around the world. Instead of developing in closed circles like pyramids, smart vehicles as well as a diverse range of robotics applications are springing up and growing like rainforests.


In 2022, PIX Moving initiated DeAuto, an automotive and robotics community where the privacy and data of vehicles and robotics products are protected and owned by the individuals, where the low-carbon manufacturing, democratic technology and user-participated creation are treated as the core values. We hope more individuals and institutions will join us in the paradigm shift revolution of the automotive industry, bringing more decentralized and democratic innovations to this planet. 


This May, PIX Moving organized the first DeAuto Hackathon where a 31-day open innovation has led to nine community-driven smart wheeled-robot designs with feasibility for the digital production process at PIX C-Zone factory. Further, the creator workpieces will be confirmed as NFTs to protect the creative rights of the participants, and the most valued designs will be produced in the real world and be marked with each creator’s name.


DeAuto will be a continuous adventure driven by DAO and web 3.0 approach, with dedication to decentralized automotive/robotics production empowered by community and open innovation. The second DeAuto Hackathon will be launched on Gitcoin platform in September, targeting to design and gameficate the world’s first auto-making workshop in the metaverse.


At 18:15 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on January 3, 2009,Satoshi Nakamoto mined the “Genesis Block”, which kickstarted the decentralization era. Just like the hippies of the 70s who loved rock or who lived in the commune, PIX Moving hope to make an impact on the world by doing what we’re passionate about and to reshape part of the world in an age where technology empowers individuals. The development of Web3 infrastructure has opened up a new world for the creators: contents, products and data are created and owned by the individuals. This is a new era where the individuals can compete with the giant moguls, where the unknown is being explored, where a closed and systematic enterprise will be fundamentally disrupted and restructured, where the talented people are rewarded through their creations. 


This time, DeAuto is initiated to drive the revolution. 

- DeAuto Team

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