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Owenrship incentive creation&innovation to a certain extent, but that's not the whole story before any community becomes great. We hope to assemble people with the same vision in the early stages so that DeAuto can sustain value creation and deliver individual value. NFT and DAT are DeAuto's early proposals for motivation and governance, based on blockchain and DAO organizational forms, which will be closer to our goal of achieving  technical democratic innovation.


DeAuto DAO will release corresponding NFTs at each stage of development.


01/ Genesis NFT

Unique DeAuto DAO NFT . Total amount are 555, limited supplies. The NFT is available to members who have made significant contributions to the community in the early stages, as well as those who have invested to the community in the early stages. This NFT has the opportunity to be obtained by submitting a public application form.

Coming Soon

02/ DeAuto Hackathon NFTs

Made out from DeAuto Hackathons, limited supplies.Projects made out from each DeAuto Hackathon will be generated into special edition NFT collections, about 500 per series.

03/ Product NFTs

Projects operating on DeAuto DAO are able to release the respective project product NFT when they are ready to start the mass production phase, and the content and release method are determined by the project team.




· Submit application form

· Invited by DeAuto

· Earn credits through community contributions and redeem them for NFT

The total amount is 555, the first offering is 333, and the remaining 222 will be released in a one-year cycle. The first offering mint time: the end of 2022.

Genesis NFT Privileges

•  Receive a percentage of initial DAT credits

•  Free, discounted and guaranteed mint in future NFTs

•  Vip access in event visit, both online and offline

•  Vip access in Discord and Telegram

•  Priority and exclusive access to perimeter products

•  Right of authorship for participation in projects

•  Invited to participate in product launches

•  Discounts for the use of PIX skateboard chassis platform

In addition to identifying as a Genesis member, Genesis NFT grants its holders greater access and privileges in DeAuto DAO's community and projects. NFT holders will be invited to participate in shaping the future of DAO through community visioning, feedback meetings, and voting. NFT holders will be expected to play a key role in each new DeAuto Dao project, creating bounties for the community and building core IP for the project.



· Join the DeAuto Hackathons

· Participate in bounty missions

DAT credits are an early governance tool for DeAuto DAO, and may become token in the future. It can record the achievements of community contributors publicly and transparently, and translate it into voting, project initiation, NFT minting and other privileges. Community contributors can earn DAT credits by participating in Hackathon, bounty missions and other ways of contributing to the community.

DAT Credits Rules and Privileges:

1. DAT credits will be identified by a community member's crypto wallet address and are not transferable or tradable.

2. DAT credits holders are entitled to vote in the DeAuto community, and the weight of the vote will be divided according to the proportion of credits held.

3. DeAuto will evaluate the contribution areas of community contributors and manage them by project and specialty groups.

4. Credits earned by community contributors in their area of expertise can only be applied to voting and governance  in the relevant professional group.

5. Members with Genesis NFT will receive a certain percentage of initial credits.

6. With a certain amount of DAT credits, community members will have the opportunity to receive a Genesis NFT release by DeAutoDAO and free, discounted and guaranteed mint in future NFT projects.

7. Credit holders gain access to more discord channels.


"The future will increasingly belong to people who leave behind the cathedral and embrace the bazaar."

The Cathedral and the Bazaar - Eric S. Raymond

Join the democratic innovation that brings more decentralization to the world

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